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Live-Well and Advanced Deployment Systems

Live-Well and Advanced Deployment Systems

Reduce formation damage

  • Our live-well deployment systems deploy and retrieve perforating guns without having to kill the well. Whether wireline, coiled tubing or snubbing pipe, these advanced deployment systems perforate multiple or longer intervals in one run for reduced rig time and completion cost.

    Perforate horizontal wells

    Our Snapshot™ live-well deployment system deploys perforating guns on coiled tubing or wireline under pressure, using special connectors and BOP. Underbalanced perforating on long intervals in horizontal or highly deviated wells doesn’t require drilling, workover rigs, or killing the well. The Snapshot system is ideal for producing wells that require extended or additional perforations.

    Perforate long intervals without killing the well

    Our Stackable Gun System™ (SGS™) is used with wireline or slickline to address long intervals in a single, underbalanced operation during new completions and well interventions. Effective in vertical and deviated wells to 45 deg., perforating occurs without rigs or coiled tubing units. The system is ideal in your remote, limited-access, or space-limited locations.

    Our pressure-set or mechanical-set Bottom Gun Anchor™ systems establish a fixed bottom. The gun runs in or out of the well one section at a time. The last-deployed gun section contains a tubing-conveyed perforating firing head or is shot conventionally through wireline. After the guns fire, the gun sections are retrieved one at a time or dropped into the rathole without killing the well. Our Inter-Gun Auto Release™ (IGAR™) systems are used to manage the length of the retrieved gun sections.

    Perforate longer intervals on wireline with fewer runs

    Perforating multiple or long-length intervals in one run using wireline reduces your rig time and completion costs. Our Model-J™ Gun Brake (J-GB™) runs longer intervals and heavier guns in a single trip in which multiple runs previously were required. The J-GB removes gun shock to wireline rope sockets by anchoring securely before perforating and laying off weight on the cable. This technology reduces deepwater completion costs.  

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