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Horizontal Oriented Perforating System (HOPS)

Horizontal Oriented Perforating System (HOPS)

Perforate deviated and horizontal wellbores accurately

  • Our Horizontal Oriented Perforating System™ (HOPS™) perforates long intervals in deviated and horizontal wellbores where accurate perforation orientation is critical. We’ve engineered accurate orientation capabilities into the HOPS system, which has been verified by extensive full-scale laboratory and field testing.

    Optimize completion design to manage sand production

    Our Geoscience Services integrates sand strength derived from log data with sand production predictive models. This produces a continuous profile of critical drawdown pressure (CDP) to optimize your completion design.

    Achieve accurate orientation of perforating guns

    Our HOPS service has eccentrically weighted perforating guns and swivel gun connectors that allow each gun to rotate independently. Due to weight positioning, guns rotate so the weights are positioned on the bottom-side of the wellbore. As the guns achieve this position, the shaped charges are then aligned to shoot the desired orientation in your reservoir.

    Verify shot orientation with SDIDs

    We’ve incorporated Shot Direction Indicator Devices (SDIDs) in the individual gun sections to produce a record of the shot orientation. Measured after retrieval, the SDID indicates orientation of guns at time of detonation and verifies accuracy of the perforating orientation.

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