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High-quality and reliable service

  • Avoid surprises that slow or bring your operations to a halt. BHGE’s cased-hole wireline logging services with instant response capabilities combined with our advanced technology helps you detect faults and defects before they happen—so you can keep your operations running at full capacity.

    Reliable solutions for all your operational and evaluation needs

    Boost the safety, speed, and efficiency of your operations. From production logging and pipe recovery to reservoir evaluation, perforating systems, and mechanical services, we offer a wide range of solutions to help you keep any well operating at optimal performance while managing threats that can slow or stall productivity. Target the right productivity zones, increase penetration rates, or solve stuck-pipe problems with the support of BHGE’s field-proven expertise.

    BHGE's Cased-Hole Wireline Logging Services enable you to reduce the risk of costly interventions and Non-Productive Time (NPT) while increasing production efficiency. With a breadth of services for well performance evaluation, integrity, and recovery troubleshooting, BHGE enables a whole new level of performance for your onshore, offshore and deepwater applications.

    BHGE's Cased-Hole Wireline Logging Services have a number of advantages including:

    • Improved safety and efficiency
    • Reduced downtime
    • Enhanced performance evaluation
    • Less risk of costly interventions
    • Reduced maintenance costs

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