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Enhanced services and precise data

  • Our borehole seismic services offer application design, data processing, and interpretation for detailed reservoir description that improves production and field development.

    From simple time-depth data to imaging deep into the reservoir, we deliver the link between geophysics and geology. Our services enhance surface seismic resolution, enable depth correlation to logs, and image stratigraphic and structural anomalies. From a simple cased hole checkshot survey to multilevel 3D and 4D VSPs, we have acquisition solutions for all your needs.

    Dedicated engineers make the difference on every job

    We recognize that every client is unique and that every well is different. We offer the flexibility to meet every objective through highly adaptable downhole instruments. Dedicated seismic engineers with extensive experience are responsible for the acquisition of onshore, offshore, and transition-zone borehole seismic services.

    Powerful surface systems and energy sources

    On every survey, seismic specialists are equipped with precision downhole seismic sensors, energy sources, and latest digital data acquisition systems. We deliver superior data quality.

    Surveys are conducted using single-level receivers and multilevel receivers in vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells. We efficiently tie surface seismic data to petrophysical parameters, improving reservoir characterization.

    We have purpose-built, integrated borehole seismic data acquisition systems, including PC-based portable systems. These combine powerful surface recording computers and multiple three-component downhole receivers with integrated energy-source controllers and navigation systems. Our systems deliver the most accurate information in less time.

    Borehole seismic services offer high-resolution data that enable 3D images. This improves vertical and lateral reservoir resolution compared with surface seismic data. Our digital data acquisition services reduce rig time and improve your production while reducing well and field-development risk.

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