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  • The BHGE wireline conveyance service is the safer, more efficient approach for the deployment of downhole instruments. Our deployment optimization combines field-proven technology, modeling, processes, and local best practices in a total system approach that overcomes your application-specific challenges. You can rely on these efficiently planned operations to reduce NPT and enhance HSE.

    We’re so proficient at what we do, we’ve been successful in deploying instruments on wireline in deviated, openhole wellbores of about 75-deg. inclination and cased-hole wellbores in excess of 80 deg. Typically, costlier conveyance methods would have been required with significant operational impact and potential HSE issues.

    Using our total system wireline conveyance service, you’ll receive the optimum wireline deployment solution. Regardless of the well conditions, we have the right conveyance methods for your specific job.

    Operator saves $750,000

    As part of our Wireline Conveyance service, an operator working in the UK sector of the North Sea called on us to deploy the BHGE Reservoir Characterization Instrument™ (RCI™) service for fluid sampling. The wells in this area often have a 68-deg. deviation so the traditional fluid sampling service would have deployed on drillpipe, which is costly and time consuming.

    We applied our total system approach, based on our modeling and best practices, including flywheels, wireline jars, and a releasable cablehead. We acquired pressure and fluid samples on wireline fast and efficiently, saving the operator two days of rig time or $750,000.

    In a total of 60 wireline runs at 60-deg. to 75-deg. deviation in the North Sea, including this UK sector job, we’ve saved our customers an estimated $30 million by eliminating the need for pipe-conveyed logging.

    For more information about our wireline conveyance expertise, please call us or send us an e-mail.

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