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VisiTrak Reservoir Navigation and Analysis Service

What can you do with a 360° view 100 feet away from your wellbore?

The VisiTrak™ reservoir navigation and analysis service lets you see more of your reservoir – up to 100 feet from the wellbore – so you know exactly where you are and where you need to go in order to build a better well. And when you can see 100 feet away, you can:

Land your well more efficiently.

With conventional logging while drilling (LWD) mapping and navigation technology, you can see only about 20 feet away from the wellbore. Because the VisiTrak service can map the reservoir up to 5 times that distance in real time, you don’t need to drill costly pilot holes to confirm the top and bottom of the reservoir. Or worry about coming in too low or too high and having to spend unnecessary time steering back into the reservoir.

Find the sweet spot and stay in it longer.

Finding the sweet spot and staying there means more production and greater return on investment. The advanced navigation technology behind the VisiTrak service lets you identify the optimal producing zone and helps you avoid early exits – keeping you in the sweet spot longer.

Build a better long-term plan.

When you can see 100 feet into the reservoir, you can map approaching beds, boundaries and pay zones so you can design a completion and field management plan that maximizes long-term production potential.

The VisiTrak service is part of BHGE’s complete package of reservoir navigation services that combine formation evaluation technologies, interactive software and experienced reservoir experts that can help maximize your assets.


  • Deepwater
  • Complex, geology with channelized sands
  • Horizontal and deviated wells

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