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Tubing Running Services

Maximize safe and productive rig time with the correct systems for your operation

Our tubular running services are the right choice for efficient casing and tubular running. When you need expert handling of standard or exotic chrome tubulars, for any job-from the simplest to the most challenging-we have the answer that reduces down time and costs, backed by 45 years of operating experience.

The field-proven, fully integrated ChromeMaster™ chrome running system enables handling and makeup of chrome tubulars from 2 3/8 in. to 14 in. The system offers a minimal marking and tungsten carbide gripping system, preventing pipe degradation after makeup.

For accurate torque measurement, the Salvo™ HD6 torque-turn system monitors, controls and records every makeup, minimizing costs by ensuring the correct torque application and immediately detecting faulty connections, by monitoring and analyzing multiple parameters.

Our proprietary services are part of a complete suite of casing and tubing running services, including equipment designed specifically to reduce manual handling, POB (personnel on board) and remove personnel from the Red Zone. 

  • The Derrickman™ hydraulically powered stabbing arm, and T-CAT stabberless systems,  operated remotely from the rig floor, eliminates the risks of personnel working at height.
  • Our Leadhand™ tong positioning systems move the hydraulically powered tong to and from the well centerline mechanically, without the need for manual handling. The system facilitates a one-man tong operation, removing multiple personnel from the dangers of the well center.

Hydraulically powered casing and tubing tongs

We have the most comprehensive and robust suite of casing and tubing tongs available. These tong systems are complimented by self-contained hydraulic power units in a variety of diesel and electric configurations.  We are able to provide Zone rated units for operation in hazardous areas, custom built and certified to the highest industry standards.

Our tong systems cover a wide range of sizes and torque capacities from small tubing through large-diameter casing. Integrated hydraulic backups maximize safety, accuracy and efficiency.  All of our Power Tongs are compatible with our Salvo™ HD6 torque-turn system for control and accuracy of makeup.

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