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Mastiff Rigless Intervention System

Mastiff Rigless Intervention System

Perform interventions and well abandonment with rigless ops

The Mastiff™ rigless intervention system (RIS) helps you perform efficient intervention operations without the need for a rig. The system’s versatility enables you to use it for multiple needs, including conductor pre-installation, workovers, and well abandonment. Regardless of the application, the Mastiff RIS provides you with easier setup, quicker transport, and more reliable operations to boost your efficiency.

Specific customizable operations made possible

  • It’s mobile.

    The system can be easily transported globally, with each section fitting in a standard 40-ft open-top container. And once on location, it can be rigged up or down in less than a day, saving significant rig time.

    It’s modular.

    Made up of modular sections, the Mastiff RIS can be configured to weigh 131 tons—a great advantage for platforms with limited deck capacity. It can be customized to your specific operations to maximize efficiency, like placing it on capping beams to simplify operations on fixed or spar platforms. The system also features a self-elevating, self-pinning design that helps reduce work at height and related HSE risks.

    It’s mighty.

    With the Mastiff, you are able to cut and pull 50-ft sections in a single lift, significantly speeding up the abandonment process compared to casing jacks, which typically can only handle 6-ft sections. And with a 352-ton pulling capacity, it can easily handle pipe up to 36-in. OD. This is especially valuable when conductor strings are barnacle-encrusted or cemented together.


    • Rigless operations
    • Conductor pre-installations
    • Workover jobs
    • Plug and abandonment (P&A)

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