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Hammer Services

Hammer Services

Increase conductor driving efficiency and accuracy using the latest hydraulic hammer technology

  • Powered by one of the largest fleets outside the manufacturers, we offer efficient solutions for any large-diameter casing driving job, such as conductor driving, caisson installation, and pile driving. Ideal for use onshore or offshore and underwater, the Hydrohammer™ family sends concentrated blows to the pile, resulting in a much more efficient operation, driving piles deeper and faster. This technology is safe, reliable, and friendlier to the environment than diesel hammers. The hammers can operate at any angle, including horizontally, with marginal energy loss. It is also possible to configure the Hydrohammer for pile extraction operations.

    Our Control Units can adjust the amount of energy per blow to increase precision. A safety control automatically shuts down the system if a pile penetrates ahead of the hammer, the blow energy is set too high, or the hammer is positioned incorrectly. Individual blow energy can be measured and displayed in real time. All information, which is captured electronically, can be used to generate a comprehensive job report. Drivability prediction software, project preplanning, high-quality testing, maintenance, fabrication, welding services, and more than 25 years of experience all contribute to your project’s success.

    Our comprehensive driving services consist of connection makeup and handling equipment, with a patented conductor torqueing system, internal lift tools, cold cutting, and specially tailored drive subs and drive shoes, including deep penetration, directional, and standard versions.

    Cost-effectively reclaim used platform slots

    Our specialized, large-diameter, drive-pile whipstocks can reclaim used platform slots, which is more cost-effective compared with expensive washovers and pipe-recovery operations. In most cases, platform modifications are unnecessary. This tool can be used without a drilling or platform rig, and diving operations are not required. Orientation and inclination options during the installation of the new conductor facilitate the drilling of a completely new well in any direction, with a high degree of accuracy.

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