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Completion Assembly Services

Reduce risk with accurate and efficient assembly services

Our completion assembly services reduce valuable rig time and risk of completion failure by making up and testing all tubular components offline at our specialist facilities. Our expertise and technical skills satisfy the most demanding torqueing, testing, and inspection of OCTGs and completion subassembly work including CRA and offset tubulars.

We can perform these services at our dedicated facilities in Aberdeen, along with any other locations around the world you need us 24/7. These strategically located facilities enable you to assemble and test any kind of tubular assembly.

In Aberdeen, our 22,668 ft2 (2,106 m2) workshop—equipped with 4 overhead cranes—offers internal completion subassembly and component storage. Our fully enclosed test cell has five pressure lines to allow for simultaneous testing which is monitored with CCTV and can accommodate testing pressures of 22,000 PSI.  Four torque stations with a torque range of 120,000 ft/lb can handle sizes up to 54 in. (1,372 mm) diameter conductor casing. Basket loading and unloading capabilities are also available.

Mobile services when and where you need us

With our versatile, cost-effective mobile bucking systems, our experts perform casing and completion component torqueing and testing at your locations. We also do stack-up tests and offer drillpipe break-in services. By using top-loading machines, our own power packs and torque-turn systems, we can complete work in hours that our competitors take days to perform.

Flow Iron rental and refurbishment

We offer a comprehensive flow iron refurbishment and recertification service in accordance with the applicable standards (API 6A, SI 913 and PED).  At our Aberdeen, Scotland location, we provide rental packages, maintaining a substantial stock of 2” 1502 and 3” 1502 H2S or standard equipment for that purpose.  In addition, our experienced technicians can provide flow iron surveys on temporary pipework, fitted at offshore or onshore installations. Temporary rental packages can be supplied to replace customer-owned equipment that is found to be out of specification by the flow iron survey.

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