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NDT BOP Inspection Technology

NDT BOP Inspection Technology

Know the state of your rig

Avoid teardown on the rig floor with ease. Non-Destructive BOP Inspection Technology System allows you to remain aware of your BOP equipment’s current condition without wasting time or risking safety.

Avoid the inconvenience of disassembly

  • The Non-Destructive BOP Inspection Technology System uses robotics, analytics, and Phase Array Ultrasonic technology (PAUT) to create a 4D comparison of BOP parts By leveraging 4D digital fingerprinting technology, it can deliver rig-based BOP inspection, testing, and re-certification without disassembly. A full digital record BOP bolts, flanges, fasteners, and other wetted surfaces can be available within days, enabling an almost instant comparison to OEM product standards.

    Our system uses advanced technology to reduce the need for disassembled testing and transportation of systems to shore. As a result, you can experience reduced downtime, cost savings on transportation of BOP systems, decreased risks associated with teardown, and enhanced maintenance planning around the operation schedule versus unplanned interventions.

    Our NDT BOP inspection technology includes a variety of advantages including:

    • Delivers on-rig BOP inspection for short cycle re-certification and increased uptime
    • Applicable to BOP bolts, flanges, fasteners, other wetted surfaces for optimal compatibility
    • Leverages a condition baseline and “digital record” to build a traceable digital comparison and recognize the “fingerprint” against which the current state is being compared
    • Enables long-term, condition-based maintenance for predictive analytics and proactive diagnoses

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