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Choke and Valves

Choke and Valves

Superior performance and length of life

BHGE offers two high-performance choke product lines—“sleeve” design valves for critical service applications and “plug” design valves for moderate to severe applications. They are ideal for high-pressure drops, high flowing velocities, corrosive fluids, H2S, CO2, low temperatures, steam injection and wells with heavy erosion potential. Every choke valve features our unique cage trim (nozzle) design that allows the valve to dissipate rather than absorb destructive energy. By containing the energy within the nozzle, our valves mitigate possible erosion damage to the valve body and internal components, resulting in long life and high performance.

Superior Choke Performance

  • Services

    Our services start well before delivery of the product. BHGE engineers and product managers assist in identifying the best technology solution to meet operational objectives. Dedicated product development and testing facilities enable partnership with the customer, to jointly identify fit-for-purpose product solutions. BHGE services what it sells. Dedicated Capital Drilling Equipment Service Centers in Broussard, Louisiana, and Aberdeen, Scotland provide complete Inspection, Overhaul, Repair and Recertification services for all ABOP products. Additionally, a team of Field Service Engineers is available worldwide to deliver on-site inspection and maintenance services to help keep drilling projects online and on budget.

    Capital Drilling Equipment Services include:

    • API Standard 53 Inspection for most products
    • Disassembly and Inspection on site, or in a BHGE Service Center
    • Recertification Services
    • Overhaul and Repair
    • Pressure Testing, Function Testing, and third-party NDE Services

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