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Wireline Blind Shear Rams

Wireline Blind Shear Rams

Because there’s a lot riding on every decision you make for your BOPs.

Our WBSR reliable shears and seals drilling pipe, tubing, wireline and any combination – to enhance safety and reduce risk.

Protect people, equipment, and the environment

  • Our Wireline Blind Shear Ram (WBSR) cuts wireline and shears tubulars even when off-centered, on bottom and without tension, to improve safety and reduce risk over a broad range of conditions. It meets the new BSEE requirements for well control, as well as API 16A 4th Edition PR2 qualification standards. It is also the industry’s first shear ram that meets NACE corrosion standards through the pressure load path. The ram has successfully sheared, cut and sealed complex sub-assemblies with combinations of pipe, wireline, coiled tubing, and control lines in an on-bottom condition. 

    The initial 18 ¾-in., 15,000 psi model is being used broadly in the Gulf of Mexico for BSEE compliance, and around the world for safety and efficiency.


    Rigorously tested for high performance

    The WBSR features an integral block/blade design with a hardened cutting edge for enhanced strength and reliability. The new design is NACE MR0175 compliant along the pressure boundary, providing higher reliability and resistance to cracking in hydrogen sulfide (H2S) environments. During validation testing, the WBSR sheared and sealed wireline as small as 7⁄32 inches, VIT, braided wire, drill pipe, casing, and combinations of wire, pipe, and coiled tubing—all with one set of blocks, and without any tension to assist the shearing action.


    Successful deployment

    To date, BHGE has retrofitted numerous 18 ¾-in. 15,000 psi Compact Ram BOPs with the new Wireline Blind Shear Ram. In these initial uses, the ram  has been successfully installed as designed in the Gulf of Mexico, the United Kingdom and Latin America. 

    Building on the success of the first version, BHGE is working on qualifying a 20,000-psi wellbore pressure WBSR version to be released in late 2019. 


    Key Features & Benefits

    • Combines the capabilities of wireline and blind-shear ram blocks into a single product
    • API 16A, 4th Edition PR2 compliant
    • Capable of shearing and sealing combinations of pipe, wireline, and tubing with no tension
    • Industry first NACE-compliant through the pressure load path
    • Integral boltless block/blade design, replaceable wear pads, and hardened cutting edge
    • Compatible with 18¾ inch (15k) ram BOPs with 5k bonnets
    • Rated for temperatures from 20ºF to 250ºF
    • 15,000 psi pressure rating