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SeaPrime™ BOP Control Systems

SeaPrime™ BOP Control Systems

Safety that makes sense

Operate your blowout prevention (BOP) systems with the utmost safety and efficiency. Our SeaPrime  BOP Control System is made to last. They perform in the most rugged offshore and subsea environments, providing a foundation of reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety—without increasing maintenance or service costs.

Long-lasting design, reliable performance

  • The SeaPrime™ Subsea MUX Control System is an industry-leading BOP control system, designed to increase reliability, simplify maintenance and prevent costly stack pulls. Featuring BHGE’s patent-pending, fault-tolerant design, it’s the first subsea BOP control system to include a re-routable smart redundancy feature that allows drilling to continue if components of one POD fail.

    By simplifying access to critical components, utilizing only two pods, and re-routing hydraulic functions within a POD, SeaPrime delivers 3x more availability than existing systems.

    SeaPrime Subsea MUX Control System offers many advantages including:

    • Reduces potential leak points by 40% by eliminating 100% of pilot tubing
    • Isolates and re-routes hydraulics within a POD enabling the system to remain fully operational in the event of a failure
    • Recovers drilling function redundancy using ROV-operated hydraulic by-passes and flying leads while staying subsea
    • Separates ground faults within each instrumental bus
    • Enables BOP stack flexibility for up to 8-cavity configurations

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