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Ram BOP Systems

Ram BOP Systems

Increase safety without sacrificing control

Perform critical tasks during onshore and offshore drilling operations with Ram Blowout Preventers (RBOPs). RBOPs execute a range of pipe-handling duties while standing ready to seal your well in the event of an emergency.

Increased superior performance

  • Our RBOPs provide superior performance in our blowout preventers for all surface and subsea applications. These API-monogrammed systems have passed a range of pressure tests from 500° F to 30° F, and full-rated working pressure tests to 300° F for eight hours using blind shear rams.

    From blind, to blind shear, casing, casing shear, fixed bore, tubing, variable, and wireline shear, we provide a full range of industry-leading RBOPs to suit your specific needs.

    • Quick-Loq™ RBOPs help you change rams and resume drilling to increase uptime.
    • Sentry Dual Workover RBOPs are compact, light, and reliable. They offer ease of maintenance, flexibility, and optional features, like standard maintenance, interchangeable parts, and side outlets.
    • The Stack-Fall-Protection device offers a convenient tie-off method to increase personal safety while increasing performance.
    • Our 18¾” Compact™ RAM BOP is Designed to hold pressure at 15,000 psi from 30°F to 500°F, is rated for water depths to 10,000+ feet, and has worked on the seabed continuously for one year during drilling of a 34,000 foot well. It can also add hundreds of hours of drilling time annually when configured to seal upside-down as a subsea stack test valve (SSTV) so required pressure tests can be completed with the drill pipe in place

    Our RBOPs increase performance and control—no matter the application. They are trusted worldwide to provide system reliability, configuration flexibility, operational performance, and well control. Relied upon to cycle hundreds of times during drilling, they are always ready to shear tubulars and isolate wellbore pressure in the event of an emergency.

    Our Ram BOP Systems have a number of advantages including:

    • Increased well control and performance
    • Reduced risk by shutting down wells in the case of an emergency
    • Enhanced flexibility for speed and control
    • High performance in extreme pressures, temperatures, or other unusual challenges
    • Top-notch expert service

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