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Diversion control during drilling operations

Our MSP™ Diverter and FSP™ Diverters are designed with ease, flexibility, and safety in mind. So you can gain operational control from surface to platform by effectively moving low-pressure gas and fluids away from the drilling area.

Improve uptime and protection

  • MSP™ (Medium Surface Pressure) Diverters enable you to set large casings with protection. They accommodate full-bore drilling and setting—delivering diversion control during drilling. The 29.5” bore size permits full-bore drilling and accommodates the setting of even the largest surface casing without removing the diverter. The 29” 500-psi and 30” 1000-psi are large-bore, annular-type diverters that effectively reroute the flow of low-pressure gas on surface installations. Unlike other large-bore diverters, these two will close and seal in any pipe in the wellbore or completely seal off the open hole without adding inserts or changing to a different packing unit.

    The MSP™ is designed for flexibility with exceptional performance—both as a diverter and as a pressure control annular BOP. With only two moving parts and back-to-front feedable rubber, it can perform under pressure with less maintenance and downtime.

    FS™ (Flow Safe) Marine Riser Diverters simplify gas diversion to improve safety and rig protection, as they do not require line disconnections or reconnections at each installation. The FS™ 500-psi is designed to fit all types of offshore rating rigs. It can be installed through 49.5” or 60.5” rotary tables and avoids the functional complexities that can increase the risk of human error and equipment breakdown. The ability to close on an open hole eliminates the serious safety gap often caused by cartridge inserts and installation, and the patented integral valve design eliminates the need for vent valves, interconnecting circuitry, and sequencing. A solitary hydraulic signal simultaneously moves the piston up and closes the annular packing unit—opening the vent line, stopping upward flow, shutting off the flowline to the shaker, and shutting off the fill-up line.

    The FS diverter is designed for simplicity and safety. With a patented integral valve design, a single control function, a permanently open vent line, and the ability to close on an open hole, it avoids the functional complexities that increase chances for human error and equipment breakdowns.

    Advantages of our diverters:

    • Improved control during drilling operations
    • Enhanced rig protection and safety
    • Flexibility and ease-of-use in any situation
    • Ability to close and seal in any pipe in the wellbore or completely seal off the open hole without adding inserts or changing packing units with the MSP™ Diverter
    • No disconnections or reconnections required at installation with FS Diverters
    • Services that start before the delivery of the product
    • A team of Field Service engineers available to keep your projects online and on-budget

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