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BOP Systems

BOP Systems

Contain and control damage ahead of time

Assessing risk potential on your rig is crucial to ensuring safety before, during, and after problems occur. Our proven Blowout Prevention (BOP) systems are configured to anticipate and combat the risks of everyday operations, even in the toughest applications. Trusted worldwide to provide system reliability configuration flexibility, operational performance, and well control, our BOP systems are designed to help you improve safety and increase uptime.

Prepared to perform

  • Drilling contractors have called the GX™ AnnularBOP "the best annular in the business” for one reason: exceptional performance and uptime. Its single packing unit has provided continuous service for as long as a year, and it has continued to hold pressure after exposure to extreme temperatures and extensive stripping. The GX can strip and seal on all pipe sizes and achieve complete shutoff. In the field and in laboratory tests.

    Our 18¾” Compact™ RAM BOP is Designed to hold pressure at 15,000 psi from 30°F to 500°F, is rated for water depths to 10,000+ feet and has worked on the seabed continuously for one year during drilling of a 34,000 foot well. It can also add hundreds of hours of drilling time annually when configured to seal upside-down as a subsea stack test valve (SSTV) so required pressure tests can be completed with the drill pipe in place

    The Sentry™ Dual Workover Ram BOP is shorter and lighter than a standard BOP, without sacrificing rugged strength or reliability. Meeting the special needs of workover operations, this system is available in 3,000 and 5,000 psi versions, making it operational with a wide range of accumulator systems. Easy maintenance with standard tools, interchangeable parts between both models, and various size options allow the field-proven Sentry BOP to provide operational flexibility and high availability.

    Our BOP systems increase uptime, reduce unplanned stack pulls, and lower between-well maintenance time to service system components. With best-in-class availability, operating ease, and proven high-pressure performance, you can worry about less and achieve more.

    Our BOP systems have a variety of advantages including: 

    • Increased uptime and availability
    • Reduced between-well maintenance time
    • Fewer unplanned stack pulls
    • API-monogrammed
    • Approved by pressure tests at high psi
    • Approved by high-temperature tests of up to 500°F
    • Various model offerings to meet your specific needs

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