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Driving superior drilling performance

  • Leverage the latest advances in technology and innovation to optimize your offshore drilling operations—no matter how complex your environment. Reliable technology combined with robust materials means you get the highest quality equipment to prevent blowouts (BOP) while decreasing the maintenance costs of offshore rigs. So you can spend more time drilling and less money on repairs.

    By utilizing operational data, we partner with you to deliver insights that reduce the operating costs of offshore rigs. Our service models provide transparency throughout the entire build and delivery process while optimizing service intervals. With greater visibility to your equipment, utilizing our engageDrilling portal, you can keep a close eye on boosting the performance of your operations instead of slowing it down.

    Our offshore drilling systems reduce operating costs, minimize downtime and prevent equipment breakdowns. Our expansive portfolio of products not only track the effectiveness of your equipment but alert you of any potential problems before they happen—saving you time and money on unplanned downtime. And with BHGE at your side, you can tap into new ways of solving challenges and preventing future breakdowns.

    BHGE's Offshore Drilling Systems offers a number of advantages including:

    • Minimized unplanned downtime
    • Enhanced safety and reliability
    • Expert support at your side
    • Reduced service intervals and maintenance costs
    • Increased performance and productivity

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