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AutoTrak eXact Rotary Steerable Drilling System

AutoTrak eXact Rotary Steerable Drilling System

Reduce well costs with high BUR drilling while gathering critical LWD data

  • The AutoTrak™ eXact high-build rotary steerable drilling system (RSS) combines the ability to provide advanced logging while drilling (LWD) services with the ability to drill high buildup rates (BUR), eliminating the need to compromise between the two. The service helps operators to drill the most complex 3D profiles with outstanding borehole quality and directional control.

    Facilitate faster completions with the proprietary, closed-loop steering control of the AutoTrak eXact RSS, which delivers exact wellbore placement and ensures borehole quality in all applications.

    Improve drilling efficiency through the AutoTrak eXact RSS’ ability to drill shorter curve sections of up to 12°/100 ft. This maximizes horizontal reservoir exposure and helps avoid directional work in troublesome formations.

    Maximize production and minimize the risk and cost of development through compatibility with the Baker Hughes suite of LWD services. The service provides access to real-time formation evaluation and reservoir data to help geosteer wells and optimize well placement.


    • Conventional and unconventional
    • Land and offshore
    • Simple and complex 3D wellbore profiles

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