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AutoTrak Curve Rotary Steerable System

AutoTrak Curve Rotary Steerable System

Get smooth, fast runs in unconventional drilling operations

  • The AutoTrak™ Curve rotary steerable system provides better drilling economics, exact wellbore placement, and faster drilling in unconventional plays. It reduces the time on the well with reliable performance, less risk, and an improved bottom line.

    Land the well sooner

    The system eliminates slides and delivers consistent steering and high ROP, even in high stick-slip environments. Continuous string rotation maximizes overall efficiency by reducing torque and drag to provide a high-quality wellbore, better hole cleaning, and less cleanup time.

    Improve production

    In one run, you get smooth curves, straight tangents, and better hole quality for more effective fracturing operations and higher production rates. High buildup rates (up to 15°/100 ft [30 m]) let you drill deeper, hit the reservoir earlier, and increase wellbore exposure in the sweet spot.

    Ensure accurate well placement

    For precise steering in the reservoir, real-time azimuthal gamma ray service delivers accurate, near-bit measurements. Expandable pads on a slow-rotating sleeve maintain precise trajectory and allow fluid circulation to carry cuttings out of the hole.

    Directional control from the surface maintains your drilling plan or lets you changes targets on the fly. Our latest PDC bit technology delivers longer laterals, better weight-on-bit, improved hydraulic efficiency, and longer life in tough formations.


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