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FASTrak Prism LWD Fluid Analysis Sampling and Testing Service

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Get high-quality, high-volume fluid samples—without compromise

Getting reservoir fluid samples is crucial—and there’s no better time to capture those samples than while drilling. But not just any reservoir samples will do. You need the right volume of pure, high-quality samples, and you need to capture them reliably to avoid unnecessary trips and increased costs.

The FASTrak™ Prism fluid analysis and sampling while drilling service delivers comprehensive, real-time reservoir characterization and industry-leading volumes of high-quality fluid samples—with unmatched reliability—to improve efficiency and to enable better asset development decisions. With advanced sensor technology, unmatched volume capacity, and hundreds of successful runs worldwide, the FASTrak Prism service:

  • Provides detailed real-time ANALYSIS of formation fluids
  • Delivers superior sample QUALITY
  • Captures and transports the industry’s largest number of samples and greatest VOLUME per run
  • Possesses an unrivaled track-record of RELIABILITY

The results allow you to accurately evaluate reserves, design the best completion and surface facilities, and engineer the best flow-assurance program, all while reducing risk and rig time.

Contact us today to learn how FASTrak Prism can provide the reservoir samples you need to make critical development decisions with confidence. 

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FASTrak Prism LWD Fluid Analysis Sampling and Testing Service

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