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  • Navi-Drill™ DuraMax™ motors provide increased reliability and durability for longer runs and extended laterals—letting you drill the curve and lateral in one run.

    The motors high weight-on-bit (WOB) and flow-rate capability help it deliver increased horsepower and torque for faster penetration rates. And, these motors deliver that increased power to the drill bit while minimizing the energy needed to drill—helping you reach total depth with maximum speed and efficiency.

    This latest-generation of high-performance positive displacement motors has been completely redesigned by BHGE engineers using state-of-the-art technology. The redesigned motors’ short bit-to-bend configuration allows higher build-up rates while delivering superior WOB and durability. The simulation-driven design also enables predictive maintenance, mitigating motor failures and reducing non-productive time.

    Push your drilling limits with a stronger lower end and power sections that deliver 15% greater torque. The higher flow rate range permits more options when it comes to RPM, leading to 40% more horsepower at the bit. And, you can run with less differential pressure while still achieving desired  penetration rates. This new motor platform delivers the output you need to maximize your drilling performance.

    Best Drilling Technology Award: Navi-Drill™ DuraMax™ High-Performance Motor
    Best Drilling Technology Award: Navi-Drill™ DuraMax™ High-Performance Motor, Oilfield Services
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