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Accurate reservoir analysis

  • Conventional coring services include acquisition and recovery to the surface of a continuous column of reservoir formation material. We manufacture our core bits and use special drillstrings with inner and outer barrels. You can rely on our high-quality core samples for accurate reservoir analysis while controlling core acquisition costs.

    HT Series conventional coring systems

    Our HT Series™ barrels address all formations and coring applications, especially high-angle and extended-reach wells. The series’ stabilized sections, built in 30-ft (9 m) lengths, connect for coring runs of more than 600 ft (183 m). Steel or aluminum inner barrels containerize the core and mitigate risk.

    HydroLift unconsolidated coring system

    The HydroLift™ system addresses unconsolidated or friable formations. A full-closure mechanism ensures core recovery. The system also suits fractured formations with jam potential, as a slick-entry feature helps prevent jams as the core enters the catcher.

    CoreGard low-invasion coring system

    The CoreGard™ low-invasion coring system protects against dynamic filtrate invasion. Special pilot shoes protect the core column, while face-discharge core bits force 60 to 85% of the coring fluid through ports.

    JamBuster anti-jamming system

    The JamBuster™ anti-jamming coring system enables coring after jamming occurs. Telescoping inner core barrel sleeves mitigate the effects of core jams elimating unscheduled trips out-of-hole and related nonproductive time. The system therefore significantly increases the amount of core cut per run in jamming prone formations.

    Gel Coring system

    The CoreGel™ system uses a viscous, noninvasive gel to protect cores from drilling fluid invasion, which can alter the chemical and physical properties of the cores. The gel fully encapsulates the core downhole to prevent contact with the drilling fluid and supports the core during recovery, surface handling, and transportation.

    Core bits

    High-performance, premium core bits are compatible with our coring technology. Our Genesis™ and Talon™ PDC bit technology ensure stable performance. Many bits have the face-discharge technology and can be used in combination with the CoreGard™ low-invasion coring system. Our bit portfolio provides features adjusted to the needs of all applications and formations.

    LaserCut liner system

    The LaserCut™ liner system containerizes core material during coring while enabling easy access to the core at the surface. The system offers enhanced safety features, rig floor core handling, and one-piece liners for splitting at the surface, enabling rapid core examination.

    SOr Sponge Liner Coring System

    The SOr™ sponge liner coring system improves core sample quality to help enable more informed field development decision making while lowering data acquisition costs and nonproductive time.

    CoreCare transportation

    The CoreCare™ transportation equipment ensures that the quality of the core is maintained during the handling and transportation of the core from the field to the laboratory. The optional CoreCare tracking service provides a time-based record of any shocks and temperature changes during transportation, enabling feedback for continuous improvement during the transportation process.

    GammaTrak 3 continuous logging

    The GammaTrak™ wellsite gamma logging unit is used to efficiently verify core recovery, confirm target intervals, evaluate lithology, and correlate offset well logs—right on the rig floor. The unit quickly generates a real-time continuous gamma versus depth log along the entire length of the core sample, which can be correlated to conventional wireline and measurement-while-drilling logs.

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