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  • Our drilling systems address technology requirements for reentry or slimhole projects. This includes coiled tubing (CT) and through-tubing rotary drilling applications.

    These coiled tubing and reentry drilling systems economically access new and/or previously bypassed pay zones to maximize ultimate recovery, improve revenue, and extend field life.

    For more than 10 years, we’ve specially designed tailored drilling BHAs for reentry and slimhole applications. The advanced BHA technology addresses the special challenges of these projects. Our solutions include:

    • BHGE CoilTrak™ coiled-tubing BHA system for advanced CT reentry applications
    • Advanced slim MWD system for through-tubing rotary drilling and standard slimhole drilling applications.

    Both modular systems deliver precise directional drilling, advanced MWD, and optional LWD capabilities to successfully support your special projects. Additional technology also improves the overall performance. Risk is reduced while setting whipstocks and during window-cutting by precise toolface control and depth correlation.

    The wellbore placement within the reservoir is optimized by the provided formation evaluation data and the systems geosteering capability. The drilling efficiency and the wellbore control is increased by the downhole sensor information from the BHA.

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