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EZCase Casing Bit System

EZCase Casing Bit System

Improve drilling economics with less NPT

Our EZCase™ casing bit system reduces flat time by combining drilling and casing in one run. Get your casing/liner to bottom by reaming through tight spots while extending open hole intervals faster. You’ll decrease the cost of remedial work in problematic wells.

Reduce flat time and decrease cost

  • An industry-exclusive steel crown with a full PDC cutting structure enables the combined drilling and casing operation in one run, improving drilling economics with less NPT. Our Genesis™ PDC bit drillout ensures additional milling operations are unnecessary. Where casing/liner running may be problematic, EZCase technology reduces the risk of not getting the casing or liner to total depth.

    Drill problematic wells

    In cases of severe losses or unstable formations, including rubble zones, lost circulation zones, depleted reservoirs, and underground blowouts, you can complete a well that otherwise may have been impossible.

    The gauge design’s tapered leading edge reduces reactive torque and sidecutting aggressiveness, minimizing unintentional wellbore sidetracking. A secondary bypass port option allows normal circulation or cementing to continue in the event of nozzle plugging. Drillout is accomplished with a roller cone or a custom-built PDC drillout bit.

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