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MAX-PRIME Reservoir Drill-In Fluid Solution

MAX-PRIME Reservoir Drill-In Fluid Solution

Protect the pay zone during wellbore construction

  • The MAX-PRIME™ reservoir drill-in fluid (RDIF) solution uses field-proven reservoir drill-in fluids and filtercake breakers to protect the pay zone during wellbore construction. This solution has the added benefit of being simple to remove during clean-up.  MAX-PRIME drill-in fluids are engineered to lower overall completion costs while optimizing production rates. These fluids deliver all the properties required from typical drilling fluids while protecting the pay zone from costly formation damage.

    Engineered for WBM or OBM

    The MAX-PRIME RDIF solution works with both water-based (WBM) and oil-based (OBM) drilling fluids. While drilling, it protects injectors and pay zones, while typical drill-in fluids can add excessive filter cake and filtrate that damages the formation. To improve production, the solution uses superior breaker technologies to improve flowback, avoiding particulate invasion and emulsion damage that can restrict flowback. The MUDZYME™ breaker is used to clean up the wellbore in WBM, and MICRO-WASH™ provides superior cleanup in OBM.

    Advantages of the MAX-PRIME RDIF include:

    • Superior injector and payzone protection during drill-in
    • Flexibility for use with WBM and OBM
    • Exceptional flowback with little reservoir obstruction
    • Simple clean-up with advanced breakers
    • Full filter cake dissolving instead of breaking into slabs that can clog


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