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  • Our reservoir drill-in fluids are specialized systems formulated to protect your pay zone during wellbore construction, simplify your clean-up process, and maximize your hydrocarbon recovery.

    Lower completion costs, increased production

    Our MAX-PRIME™ reservoir drill-in fluids (RDIF) are engineered to lower overall completion costs while optimizing production rates. These fluids deliver all the properties required from typical drilling fluids while protecting the pay zone against costly formation damage.

    We developed a full suite of drill-in fluids to protect your reservoirs in formations ranging from unconsolidated sandstones to fractured limestones. Our DIF systems are ideally suited for drilling your pay zones because of their special characteristics:

    • Good drilling fluid properties
    • Easy removal
    • Superior filter cake quality
    • Proper flowback ability
    • Compatibility with pre-pack and gravel pack completions

    Effective technology for all applications

    We have used this technology in more than 350 reservoirs in every major producing field in the world.

    Our PERFFLOW™ DIF system is a one-trip drill-in and completion fluid engineered to minimize formation damage. The fluid's thin filter cake is easily removed by production. Also, the PERFFLOW system has proven effective in a variety of coring applications and gravel-pack completions.

    The OMNIFLOW™ invert emulsion drill-in and completion fluid can be blended using any approved external-phase oil for difficult drilling environments where a water-base fluid may not be effective.

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