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  • Our high-performance, water-based, onshore drilling fluid overcomes many of the technical challenges that could otherwise restrict your options to oil-based mud (OBM). We engineer water-based muds that reduce overall cost and environmental impact.

    Whether you’re considering the environment, the reservoir, or reducing mud losses and improving cement jobs, our proprietary water-based mud (WBM) systems maximize clay inhibition, minimize pore-pressure transmission and, ultimately, achieve rate of penetration (ROP) that makes other mud systems look very conventional.


    The PERFORMAX™ system is ideal when you need the highest drilling performance available in WBM. This is the alternative to synthetic-based muds in areas, such as deepwater, where extreme performance, along with environmental concerns and electronic image quality are top priorities.


    We can customize PER-FLEX™ WBM to focus on only the most critical fluid attributes, such as shale stability or controlling highly reactive clays. This mud system can be created from a variety of high-performance products, all compatible with high-salinity fluids.


    When conventional WBM components have already burned up from extreme downhole temperatures, PYRO-DRILL WBM is just getting warmed up. We can customize this mud with stable fluid properties under the temperature demands of virtually any application.


    An increasing number of fields contain hydrocarbons that are protected by extremely depleted zones. The MAX-BRIDGE system can be applied in WBM with unique technology that allows access to those reserves without the pipe sticking and mud losses associated with conventional systems.


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