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MAX-Bridge Advanced Bridging Solution

More performance. More confidence. More value.

Drilling through depleted zones can pose major operation risks, such as stuck pipe and slow drill rates.  Add interbedded shales and the challenge becomes exponentially more risky.  MAX-BRIDGE advanced bridging solution specializes in these challenges—allowing you to hit your objective zone on time and on budget.

Mud means more with MAX-BRIDGE Advanced Bridging Solution

We take the most suitable base fluid—OBM or WBM— for your specific well and customize it with advanced bridging agents and technical expertise to minimize your drilling costs and risks.

The MAX-BRIDGE solution addresses the unpredictable nature of some formations using a field-proven combination of highly resilient materials that form the backbone of the bridge, coupled with deformable, sub-micron materials that complete the seal. Its size and deformable nature allows the material to mold itself into micro-fractures and pore throats—previously unattainable with conventional bridging technology and techniques.

Advanced bridging

After a comprehensive analysis of the well and any potential trouble zones, we will recommend the optimum OBM or WBM bridging solution to address your specific wellbore, even in the most extreme conditions.  Our experience and modeling capabilities will ensure you have the appropriate materials, particle-size distribution, and concentration for a successful application.  This solution was developed through years of real-world applications, and today has been used in over 1 million feet of depleted zones and withstood differential pressures greater than 5,800 psi.

Experienced fluid specialists

We have a dedicated, global team of fluid experts to address the issues of drilling in depleted zones. Our team stays with you throughout the process, ensuring you can confidently drill and achieve your objectives.

The MAX-BRIDGE advanced bridging solution is engineered to give you more in depleted zones and troublesome shales.

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