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  • BHGE is focused on creating innovative, cost-effective solutions to address the oil and gas industry's environmental responsibilities. We offer products, equipment, and services that mitigate or eliminate the environmental impact of oil and gas exploration and production.

    Our Fluids Environmental Services (FES) product line consists of four segments to address the complete oil and gas industry waste management cycle. These are solids control, cuttings reinjection and conveyance, cuttings processing, and liquids processing. Some of the environmental benefits include

    • reduced mud losses
    • reduced waste volume to be transported, therefore, reducing transportation fuel and greenhouse gas generation
    • reduced risk of spills and contamination during the drill cutting transport and disposal cycle
    • local disposal of cuttings with minimal environmental impact
    • ability to reinject into a disposal well with lower risk of subsurface contamination
    • lowered risk when transporting waste to a remote disposal site.

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