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BLACK MAGIC Spotting Fluid

BLACK MAGIC Spotting Fluid

Mitigate unplanned side-tracks and costly tool losses

  • BLACK MAGIC™ spotting fluids are the most recognized and effective spotting fluids in the industry. The BLACK MAGIC line is compounded with premium-grade asphalt and is available in a variety of carriers for your storage convenience. Our spotting fluid lowers drilling risk while reducing non-productive time due to sticky well conditions.

    Saving time, saving money

    BLACK MAGIC spotting fluid helps you quickly overcome stuck pipe to reduce non-productive time and eliminate unplanned sidetracks. It helps you preserve expensive downhole tools, like bottom hole assemblies, jars, mud motors, geosteering systems, etc. that are at risk during a stuck-pipe incident. It protects your AFE by reducing the risk of leaving an expensive “fish” in the hole.

    Coating and lubricating

    BLACK MAGIC fluid covers both the pipe and the open hole with a slippery asphalt coating. This coating action reduces friction where the wellbore and drill pipe come in contact, so that the pipe can be freed with lift tension from the rig hoist or jarring action from downhole tools.


    BLACK MAGIC spotting fluid is generally shipped in 25-bbl (3.97-m3), U.S. Coast Guard-approved, steel, rig-storage containers. This makes it easy to keep the spotting fluid stored at the rig site for immediate use when differential sticking is anticipated or encountered while drilling. The fluid’s liquid form is quickly and easily administered to loosen stuck pipe, since no mixing of bagged powder and liquid is required.

    Advantages of BLACK MAGIC fluid include:

    • Releases stuck pipe
      • Reduces non-productive time
      • Mitigates unplanned side-tracks
      • Reduces the risk of losing expensive tools in the wellbore
    • Is maintained in liquid form for ease of application
      • Is easily stored at the rig
      • Enables immediate application
    • Can be weighted prior to spotting
      • Achieves densities  up to 18 lbm/gal (51.3 kg/m3)
    • Lubricates to reduce torque and drag

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