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AQUA-MAGIC Wellbore Lubricant

AQUA-MAGIC Wellbore Lubricant

Mitigate differential sticking when drilling depleted zones

  • Drilling depleted or low-pressure zones can be challenging. These zones regularly lead to fluid loss and differentially stuck pipe, driving up your non-productive time and increasing drilling costs. Our AQUA-MAGIC™ Platinum wellbore lubricant increases your drilling efficiency by mitigating differential sticking and improving wellbore stability.

    Designed for water-based drilling fluids, AQUA-MAGIC well lubricant is nontoxic, oil-free, and non-sheening. The additive may be used as a differential sticking preventative while drilling, or as a spotting fluid while running casing through depleted or subnormal pressure zones.

    Recommended treatment

    For optimal performance, we recommended treatment levels of 2-4% by volume. When running casing through a depleted zone, it is best to spot 10% by volume in the open hole through the problem zone. Subsequent maintenance requirements will depend on mud dilution.

    Environmentally friendly

    AQUA-MAGIC lubricant contains no oils and will not form sheen on the surface of receiving waters, nor will it produce sheen in the U.S. EPA’s laboratory sheen test. The additive resulted in little or no toxicity for 3% by volume in a generic #7 mud system in the US EPA Drilling Fluids Toxicity Test. AQUA-MAGIC wellbore lubricant contributes virtually no toxicity to water-based muds and is ideally suited for use in environmentally-sensitive areas, such as offshore or coastal drilling.

    AQUA-MAGIC Platinum wellbore lubricant provides several advantages:

    • Creates a tough, thin filter cake that improves wellbore integrity and stability while preventing differential sticking
    • Enhances lubricity to reduce torque and drag
    • Is thermally stable to 350˚F

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