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Control circulation loss by filling fractures

  • SOLUFLAKE™ lost circulation material (LCM) is a flaked calcium carbonate product used for controlling circulation loss and seepage by bridging and filling formation fractures. It is compatible with all types of drilling, drill-in, and completion fluids. SOLUFLAKE LCM is available in four grades: super fine (SOLUFLAKE SF), fine (SOLUFLAKE F), medium (SOLUFLAKE M), and coarse (SOLUFLAKE C).

    SOLUFLAKE LCM is 99.99% soluble in 10–15% HCl and can be used in loss scenarios while drilling reservoir intervals. The product can be added to invert emulsion fluids without the elevated rheology and reduced emulsion stability problems associated with the addition of hygroscopic materials. It can be combined with other LCMs in pill form and then pumped across the loss zone.


    Seepage loss should be treated by direct additions of SOLUFLAKE SF or SOLUFLAKE F to the active system. Coarser material can be added as required, but will be screened out at surface by standard solids control equipment.

    Severe losses should be treated with a pill containing SOLUFLAKE M and/or SOLUFLAKE C that is spotted across the loss zone and allowed to soak. When using coarser grades consideration should be given to any restrictions in the drillstring.

    Advantages of SOLUFLAKE LCM include:

    • Controls circulation loss and seepage
    • Is available in four grades
    • Minimizes non-productive time
    • Can be combined with other lost circulation material
    • Is compatible with all types of drilling, drill-in, and completion fluids

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