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    Our spotting fluids can reduce costly drilling delays in both land-based and offshore drilling environments. Our BLACK MAGIC™ line of spotting fluids is the industry’s most recognized.

    Save money with lost circulation materials (LCM)

    We offer a comprehensive array of contingency products designed to eliminate fluid losses, saving you time and money. Among our series of LCM are CHEK-LOSS™, LC-LUBE™, MIL-CARB™, SOLUFLAKE™, and FLOW-CARB™. For severe lost circulation, check out our new, proprietary setting pill, MAX-LOCK™.  Its viscoelastic flow properties help it stay in place for setting and then forms high compressive strength while also being acid soluble.

    Reduce torque and drag with drilling lubricants

    Torque and drag not only slows drilling but also reduces bit and tool life. Our complete line of lubricants for both water-based and emulsion fluids enhance rates of penetration (ROP) and allow more of the rig’s power to be used for increasing step-out distances.  Our industry recognized products such as PENETREX™, LUBE 643™, and others represent both trusted leaders and emerging technologies.


    Preventing differential sticking

    Differential sticking can be a problem when using water-based drilling fluid to drill depleted sands. By preventing sticking before it happens, we help you increase your drilling efficiency and decrease wear and tear on your equipment. Our AQUA-MAGIC™ additive is simple to apply in all water-based fluids, and BRIDGEFORM™ is a single-sack solution for water-based mud (WBM) or oil-based mud (OBM) systems. In highly overbalanced zones, the MAX-BRIDGE™ system plugs and seals pores and micro-fractures in formations, reducing the risk of differential sticking in WBM or OBM.  This system has been used to drill wells successfully with >5600 psi overbalance.

    Promote wellbore stability

    Our shale control additives provide clay inhibition and minimize pore pressure transmission into the shale matrix—preventing swelling and wellbore instability. A stable wellbore results in more efficient drilling and reduced non-productive time (NPT). Some of our most popular shale control contingency products include MAX-GUARD™, MAX-SHIELD™, and NANOSHIELD™ to name a few.

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