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Vanguard Geothermal Drill Bit

Vanguard Geothermal Drill Bit

Increase tricone drill bit life for improved geothermal energy economics

  • Vanguard™ Geothermal tricone drill bits reduce bit trips by staying in-hole longer. You can rely on our patented metal-face seal with high-temperature elastomer components, specifically designed for continuous drilling up to 550°F (288°C), to improve drilling economics. 

    Traditional roller cone elastomer seals, rated up to 275°F (135°C), don’t perform in high-temperature environments, resulting in early seal failure. Our technology easily surpasses this temperature barrier.  We’re collaborating with operators who are recording significant improvements globally in geothermal drilling operations. By increasing your ability to drill successfully, regardless of your location, Vanguard geothermal tricone drill bits are economically accessing clean energy sources.

    Advantages of the Vanguard Geothermal drill bit include:

    • Reduced bit trips
    • Continuous drilling in high-temperature environments
    • Improved drilling economics with patented metal-face seals

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