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Vanguard Directional Tricone Roller Cone Bit

Vanguard Directional Tricone Roller Cone Bit

Decrease curve interval drilling time with newest directional roller cone bits

  • Vanguard™ Directional tricone bits are engineered specifically for intense directional intervals with their demanding instantaneous and cyclical side loading. These drill bits enable you to drill the curve faster with improved reliability compared to conventional tricone bits.  

    Vanguard shirttail and leg (STL) hardfacing reduces torque and drag while improving bit stabilization in the hole. This hardfacing package also offers enhanced seal life due to superior protection.  Leveraging the premium Diamond Vanguard Heel (DVH) technology, several key markets, including the abrasive curve intervals of the Asia-Pacific region and North America, saw improved bit life due to the bits ability to sustain a more efficient cutting structure. 

    Oklahoma operator reduces drilling time 33%

    An operator requested to reduce curve interval drilling time to increase return on investment (ROI). We recommended our Vanguard Directional tricone drill bit with a patented metal-face seal, engineered specifically for this demanding directional application.  Diamond Vanguard Heels with diamond gauge were added to prevent premature heel-row degradation. This technology also maximizes rate of penetration (ROP) while ensuring seal life to complete the run. 

    The 8 ¾-in. Vanguard Directional tricone drill bit kicked off smoothly, maintaining excellent steerability while achieving superior ROP and building 90° through shale with sand stringers. The average interval ROP was 33 ft/hr (10 m/hr), a 40% increase compared with the offsets. The operator reduced drilling time by 33% in the curve interval improving section economics.

    Advantages of the Vanguard Directional tricone drill bit include:

    • Reduced torque and drag and improved bit stabilization
    • Enhanced seal life due to superior hardfacing package
    • Improved bit life from the efficient cutting structure

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