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Talon Force High-Velocity PDC Drill Bits

Talon Force High-Velocity PDC Drill Bits

Take drilling performance to the next level

Talon™ Force high-velocity PDC drill bits combine industry-leading cutter technology with customized cutting structures that push performance to the next level. Talon Force bits stay sharp longer, maximize mechanical and cleaning efficiencies, and ultimately provide improved ROP, longer run life, superior directional control, and enhanced durability.

Enhanced cutting technology

  • King Cutter PDC cutting technology

    King Cutter™ PDC cutting technology improves ROP with a large 1-in. (25 mm) cutter—the largest cutter in the industry—and greater strength. The larger cutter removes more rock than traditional cutters for increased drilling efficiency in vertical and directional applications.

    MaxCut milled bit body reliefs

    MaxCut™ milled bit body reliefs increase drilling speed and reduce inherent drilling inefficiencies, enabling operators to complete challenging intervals in less time. MaxCut reliefs maximize cutter exposure for enhanced drilling efficiency.

    StaySharp 2.0 premium polished cutter technology

    StaySharp™ 2.0 premium polished cutter technology maintains a sharp, efficient edge longer for increased ROP and footage. Augmented with the latest high-pressure/high-temperature technologies, StaySharp technology delivers superior wear resistance, toughness, and thermal stability.

    Stabilis reinforced cutter technology

    Stabilis™ reinforced cutter technology uses an innovative geometric design to improve torsional stability and increase cutter durability, delivering longer runs and higher ROP in the most challenging applications. Stabilis technology has set performance benchmarks in highly interbedded formations, easily drilling through conglomerates, chert, and pyrite inclusions.

    Optimized cutter and blade layouts

    Taking advantage of the improvement in cutter technology, Talon Force PDC bits use application-specific designs to maximize overall ROP and durability. Bit profiles have been designed to promote ideal cutter loading to meet any drilling objective while maximizing lateral stability, leading to better use of downhole power and more efficient drilling.

    DART application review process

    Talon Force drill bit designs begin with the BHGE DART™ drilling application review process. Cross-functional teams of highly experienced technical personnel work in a collaborative, learning environment to meet the required drilling objectives by combining new and existing technologies that result in innovative designs to deliver exactly the right drill bit for your specific application.

    With its combination of cutting and mechanical efficiency innovations, The BHGE Talon Force bit will improve overall ROP and footage in virtually in any environment.

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