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Genesis General-Purpose PDC Bits

Genesis General-Purpose PDC Bits

Improving drilling performance, minimize cost and risk

The Genesis™ general-purpose PDC bit from BHGE consistently optimizes drilling performance and minimizes nonproductive time, days on well, and drilling costs in virtually any drilling environment. Initially developed through the BHGE DART™ drill bit design process, the Genesis bit has proven itself as a reliable performer in cost-effective environments.

Additional efficiency enhanced by design

  • Stay in the hole longer

    Through continual research and advancements, the latest Genesis bit cutter technology offers improved impact resistance, wear resistance, and aggressiveness to increase performance and drilling economics. The outcome is better durability, prolonged bit life, and longer runs.

    Minimize vibrations

    The Genesis bit’s patented lateral movement mitigator helps reduce bit vibration and increase whirl resistance for improved cutter protection and stability. Added protection on the gauge pad prevents hole spiraling and potential hole problems, allowing the bit to continue drilling a smoother, uniform borehole for more effective completions.

    Maximize flow

    Hydraulic efficiency is imperative to maximizing cuttings removal. The hydraulic configuration of every Genesis bit design is optimized through a proprietary computational fluid dynamics process that reduces balling tendencies, improves cutter cooling, and limits fluid erosion.

    Add efficiency through directional control

    To ensure better control in motor and rotary steerable applications Genesis PDC bits include additional directional control features. A new shorter shank decreases makeup length and increases steerability to deliver better buildup rates while the BHGE EZSteer™ directional technology reduces reactive torque fluctuations from increased weight on bit for better directional precision and higher ROP.


    • Hard, abrasive, and interbedded formations
    • Conventional and unconventional shale formations
    • Highly drillable applications
    • Virtually all drilling environments where cost-effective drilling is needed

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