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IRev Impregnated Diamond Drill Bits

IRev Impregnated Diamond Drill Bits

Maximize drilling performance in abrasive and hard-rock environments with impregnated diamond drill bits

  • In hard and abrasive environments, the IRev™ infinite revolution impregnated drill bit improves run life while minimizing trips and the number of bits required. The IRev drill bit, with its new cutting structure technology, ultimately saves both time and money in challenging applications.

    Increase durability, ROP, and footage drilled

    For enhanced performance and reliability in challenging drilling environments, IRev impregnated bits feature a completely new cutting structure, which includes diamond impregnated posts. This cutting structure provides a more aggressive rate of rock removal with less drill bit wear. As diamonds wear down, new diamonds are exposed to enhance performance and further extend bit life.

    Optimize performance by combining with a high-speed motor

    Unlike other impregnated drill bits, the cutting structure of the IRev drill bits take advantage of the intense power and torque of high-speed motor systems. While the Baker Hughes Navi-Drill™ X-treme™ HS motor has a similar speed range as a turbine, the increased torque allows for more weight on the bit than is possible with other downhole tools. A greater ROP is the result.

    Advantages of the IRev impregnated diamond drill bit include:

    • Application-specific diamond grits optimize performance
    • Diamond impregnated posts increase durability
    • Superior manufacturing process provides longer run life
    • Optimized cutting structure enables greater ROP

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