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Kymera Mach 4 Hybrid Drill Bit

Dig beyond the curve

The Kymera™ Mach 4 hybrid drill bit extends drilling lengths from typical curve sections to handle combination sections of the well—saving trips and replacing both roller cone and PDC bit runs. The Kymera Mach 4 drill bit extends performance, digging beyond the curve.

The Kymera Mach 4 hybrid drill bit increases performance

With our hybrid design history, the hybrid design optimization package features precision balanced blade count and cone optimization resulting in a proven performance step-change.

  • Increased blade counts improve lateral stability while making the bit more aggressive to stand up to wear and tear
  • Recessed cutters increase diamond volume, which improves durability, to keep the bit engaged and extend distance drilled
  • Sharp and dense cone sets further allow improved rates of penetration (ROP)
  • Cutter selection options include Dynamus™ extended life drill bit cutters,  StayTrue™ diamond element cutters, and Stabilis™ cutters specifically selected to handle increased loads of challenging drilling environments to improve drilling speed and efficiency.

Advantages of the Kymera Mach 4 hybrid drill bit include:

  • Minimize lateral, axial and torsional vibrations
  • Improve speed and durability without sacrifice to stability
  • Enhance ROP by up to 25% over previous hybrid bit designs
  • Maximize performance by drilling multiple sections in one hybrid bit run

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Kymera Mach 4 Hybrid Drill Bit

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