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  • Hybrid drill bit technology combines roller cones and PDC fixed cutters into a single, patented design to reduce drilling time and trips in the most complex applications. With the rock-crushing strength and stability of roller cones and the cutting superiority and continuous shearing action of diamond bits, this technology increases ROP, improves cuttings removal, and survives highly interbedded formations with performance consistency and excellent toolface control. Globally, our hybrid drill bits have reached 47 countries and drilled more than 1 million ft (304 800 m).

    Higher ROP potential than roller cone drill bits

    Compared to roller cone bits, hybrid drill bits can increase ROP, requiring less weight on bit and minimizing bit bounce.

    Optimized drilling dynamics compared with PDC

    Compared with PDCs, hybrid bits are significantly more durable when drilling through interbedded formations. They reduce stick-slip and simplify drilling torque management while making it more consistent, enabling smoother transitions through varied formations.  Improved stability and directional control enable better vertical control as well as higher build-up rates in curve sections. 

    We are developing the next generation of hybrid drill bit technology with a series of new products addressing curve, vertical, vertical-curve and lateral sections on both rotary steerable systems and conventional motor applications worldwide. This new technology is a proven replacement for conventional drill bit approaches, delivering faster and more durable drill bit performance.

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