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GaugePro Echo On-Command Digital Reamer

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Control it. Confirm it. Ream it.

Reamers are designed and deployed with a single purpose: enlarging a wellbore to the size you need—as efficiently and as reliably as possible.

But most reamers are “dumb” tools, so they aren’t very efficient, or very reliable.

The GaugePro™ Echo on-command digital reamer is a smarter solution for your hole enlargement applications, adding speed and certainty with real-time, two-way control and flexible BHA placement.

When you use the only on-command, digital reamer on the market, you can:

CONTROL and adjust its actions at all times, with no limits on activation/deactivation cycles.
CONFIRM blade deployment throughout operations, cutting out shoulder tests and extra trips.
REAM the hole to the desired size—within 15 ft (4.6 m) of TD—with superior quality, speed, and confidence.

Don’t depend on “dumb” reamers. Contact us today to learn how the industry’s smartest reaming solution can deliver the efficient, reliable performance you expect.

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GaugePro Echo On-Command Digital Reamer

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