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  • Our drilling optimization service combines an unparalleled engineering process. Using a logically structured engineering process built on a legacy of drilling experience and expertise, we analyze data from multiple offset wells to gain an understanding of possible performance barriers that can result in nonproductive time or invisible lost time. This analysis culminates in the development of a drilling plan that pulls from a comprehensive portfolio of our integrated technologies and expertise to deliver customized technologies and optimized drilling parameters.

    Finally, following successful implementation of the drilling plan against the approved key performance indicators, our engineers capture and disseminate lessons learned to ensure a continuous cycle of risk mitigation and drilling performance improvement that will benefit you as you drill subsequent wells. Our OASIS™ program–a true industry differentiator–is characterized by a focus on professional development and skilled, experienced engineers who elevate the quality of service solutions provided. The program focuses on lessons learned and knowledge management and maintains an emphasis on the capture and sharing of information through after-action reviews, peer reviews, and contributions to knowledge management tools.

    Certified engineers possess a full understanding of the total drilling environment, along with current technologies and techniques. They have the knowledge to provide you with real-time, proactive insight into drilling trends to facilitate superior drilling performance and reduce well-delivery costs.

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