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StayTrue Shaped Diamond Element Technology

Get longer, faster runs—consistently and without compromise

When you want to optimize your drill bit performance in challenging formations, you typically have two choices:

  • Add extra cutters and get longer bit life and more consistent performance—but with slower ROP
  • Or reduce the number of cutters and get more aggressive cutting and faster ROP—but with shorter bit life

StayTrue™ shaped diamond element technology leverages a unique chisel shape and engineered placement so you don’t have to choose between bit life and speed. Instead, you get a more efficient bit design that delivers longer, faster runs—consistently and without compromise.

Increased drilling efficiency

Unlike the conventional approach of making a bit more aggressive ormore durable, StayTrue technology stabilizes the bit by reducing vibrations and mitigating bit whirl. This helps to optimize bit response and reduce cost-per-foot through smoother, more efficient drilling.

Faster ROP

Because only a few strategically placed diamond elements are needed to smooth out drilling performance, bits can drill more aggressively and with reduced drag, delivering faster ROP. The technology also enables more efficient energy transfer while drilling through changing formations.

Longer bit life and run lengths

The StayTrue technology’s extensively tested chisel-shaped element is two times more durable than conically-shaped cutters, delivering more consistent performance across a broad range of applications. The element technology also features a thick diamond table for added durability and more uniform wear patterns, enabling faster runs withoutcompromising bit life.


  • Hard and interbedded formations
  • Where downhole vibrations/bit whirl are causing tool damage/poor bit performance

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