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StayCool 2.0 Multidimensional Cutter Technology

StayCool 2.0 Multidimensional Cutter Technology

Beat the drilling day curve with cooler, sharper, more efficient cutter technology

  • StayCool™ 2.0 multidimensional cutter technology helps beat the drilling day curve and reduces drilling costs by minimizing friction on the cutter face, improving rates of penetration (ROP), and drilling more efficiently. StayCool 2.0 cutters use unique nonplanar diamond table geometry to enhance performance in key applications. 

    In more challenging environments, like interbedded sandstones and carbonates, bit performance is directly related to cutter technology and its ability to withstand heat. Utilizing StayCool 2.0 technology reduces heat generation at the cutter-rock interface. Cutter life is increased, which results in extended runs, fewer bit trips, and reduced overall time to reach total depth (TD). 

    Stays cooler, runs more efficiently

    Overheated cutters experience abrasive wear faster, which can lead to higher mechanical specific energy (MSE) or wasted energy that isn’t directly transferred into removing rock. StayCool 2.0 cutters generate 25% less heat on the cutter face than conventional planar cutters while drilling in specific formations. This reduction allows the cutter to maintain a sharper edge for longer durations during a bit run. Reducing the heat generation on the cutter face also minimizes cracking and spalling tendencies that can lead to failures and shorten run life.

    Maintains aggressiveness as it wears

    The unique multidimensional geometry of StayCool 2.0 cutters provides a degree of self-sharpening behavior as the cutter wears. Conventional planar cutters do not provide this benefit and simply become effectively duller as they wear. StayCool 2.0 cutters dull more evenly and smoothly; thereby, maintaining aggressiveness of the cutters and allowing the bit to drill at higher ROP for longer duration during the bit run. 

    Advantages of StayCool 2.0 multidimensional cutters:

    • Lower heat generation at the cutter/rock interface
    • Maintain sharper edge for more efficient drilling
    • Increase durability and consistency
    • Reduce cracking
    • Maximize thermal stability

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