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  • When you choose a BHGE drill bit, you get the right bit for the right application so you can stay in the hole longer with fewer trips at lower cost-per-foot. We can say that confidently because we’ve been engineering this technology successfully for more than 100 years, a legacy no other drill bit manufacturer can match.

    We continuously search for new ways to help you drill deeper and faster through our significant commitment to R&D. Our technology innovations are based on extensive research, expert input from cross-functional teams, software modeling, and proprietary testing labs.

    Our multifunctional approach uses proprietary engineering software to evaluate your specific challenges, identify the root cause, and design custom solutions. As solutions are developed, the knowledge is captured and applied going forward to advance performance in similar situations as part of a continuous improvement process.

    Call us or send us an e-mail to ask our experts how we can optimize your drilling program.

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