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SealBond Spacer Systems

SealBond Spacer Systems

Eliminate costly remedial cement jobs

BHGE SealBond™ cement spacer systems mitigate lost-circulation issues and reduce slurry fallback after placement, preventing induced losses and eliminating costly remedial cement jobs.

Enhanced systems that minimize damages and losses

  • In wells with critical fracture gradients, our spacer technology enables the use of standard slurry designs and densities where highly extended or special lightweight slurries were previously required.

    SealBond systems minimize filtrate invasion and damage and induced losses while cementing. Based on ultralow-invasion fluid technology, they form a barrier at the wellbore wall to strengthen the wellbore for long-term zonal isolation. With the system’s near 100% return permeability property, formation integrity is maintained for optimized production.

    The BHGE SealBond™ Plus additive enhances the spacer system’s performance in cases of severe or total loss of returns. This additive allows a SealBond spacer to adhere to the lost circulation zone(s).

    SealBond Plus technology is a proprietary blend of 100% organic, biodegradable, lost- circulation materials. Our field-proven blend has been used to seal losses in formations with permeabilities up to 3,500 darcies.


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