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A good cement job starts with a proper understanding of the well design, the risks, and cementing best practices. These practices—including mud conditioning, optimum pump rates and densities, centralization, and many other factors that ensure effective mud removal—are critical elements for long-term zonal isolation. But, oftentimes these jobs are performed using guesswork leading to increased risks, inefficiencies, and poor performance.

A proper cement job requires simulations to accurately predict outcomes and evaluate performance. The CemMasterzonal isolation cementing software from Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), reduces risk, improves efficiency, and ensures quality performance during cementing operations to deliver a reliable and cost-effective cement job—from initial design through final evaluation.

The CemMaster software suite includes several modules designed to help design, plan, execute, and evaluate the perfect well. Trained BHGE personnel use the CemMaster software and best practices, to understand and predict performance throughout the life of the well.

CemMaster capabilities

To learn more about the CemMaster zonal isolation software suite, and how it can eliminate the guesswork in your cementing jobs, contact your local BHGE representative.

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