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PermaSet Cementing System

PermaSet Cementing System

A reliable and quality driven system

  • The BHGE PermaSet™ cementing system is a fit-for-purpose, corrosion-resistant cement system designed primarily for carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) environments. They are used in primary and remedial cementing operations. Compatible with most BHGE additives, they can be designed for use in virtually any well condition anywhere in the world.

    PermaSet is part of the BHGE Set for Life™ family of cement systems that isolate and protect the targeted zone for the life of the well. These slurries can be blended with other systems in this family to help ensure long-term zonal isolation.

    BHGE solves cementing problems at the wellhead by taking CO2- and H2S-resistant cement systems out of the laboratory and into the real world. Our cementing philosophy uses state-of-the-art cement pumping equipment, such as the BHGE Seahawk™ cement unit, to help ensure a quality cement job.


    Primary and remedial cementing operations in CO2 and H2S environments

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