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FoamSet Foam Cementing Services

FoamSet Foam Cementing Services

Solve lost circulation, gas, water flows, mud removal issues

  • The versatile, all-liquid FoamSet systems save time and money by mitigating lost circulation as well as shallow water/gas flows. The system also improves fluid displacement efficiencies as compared to conventional cements.

    Lower lost circulation risks

    To minimize lost circulation risks in thief zones, FoamSet systems offer reduced hydrostatic pressure which lowers the risk of formation breakdown. The foam expands to fill that area and ensure complete cement coverage across the zone.

    Protect against shallow gas flows

    FoamSet systems offer excellent protection against multiple shallow hazards including shallow water flows, shallow gas, and hydrates. Unlike conventional cement systems which can be susceptible to shallow water/ gas influx as the cement slurry transitions from a liquid to a solid, the FoamSet system maintains a more constant pressure to keep the water or gas in the formation and out of the cement in the annulus.

    Improve hole cleaning, cement performance

    Foamed spacers can be a component of the FoamSet service delivery process. FoamSet slurries and spacers provide a more viscous fluid to scour and remove any immobile mud from the annulus.

    Set for Life cement systems

    The FoamSet foam cementing system is a part of the BHGE Set for Life™ family of cement systems.

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